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Artist Hopes to Boost Young Girls’ Confidence with Pep-Talking Superhero Doll

After battling depression and suicidal thoughts at a young age, a South Carolina “soul artist” made it her mission to encourage and uplift young girls struggling with their self-esteem.

Singer TiffanyJ is no stranger to promoting self-love and has been sharing her feelings with the world through artistic self-expression since she was just 14 years old, Black Enterprise reported. By 24, she was self-employed and authored her first book “It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide To Discovering Self and Loving” in August of 2017.

This month, the versatile artist is set to launch her latest self-love project, which comes in the form of a pep-talking, Black female superhero doll.

Super Beauty Pep Talker

TiffanyJ created the Super Beauty Pep Talker to boost confidence in young girls who are struggling with their self esteem. (Image courtesy of TiffanyJ)

“For a while, I’d been on a mission with self-esteem advocacy, but my book did not reach the audience and mentees I had that were young girls,” TiffanyJ told Black Enterprise. ” … So, initially, my idea for Super Beauty — a character I created in the persona of a young Black superhero — was going to come in the form of a book that would have a traveling mascot. It wasn’t until I started shopping around for a mascot that the idea of a doll came about. And the more I thought about it, the more I knew she had to talk.”

She quickly turned her dream of a talking doll into reality and this time hoped her message of self-love, anti-bullying and confidence reached young girls all across the nation. Through her creation, TiffanyJ said she wants to encourage girls, specifically toddlers to elementary aged children, to embrace the differences that make them unique.

“The biggest message that I want girls to get is that there is only one of them and there will never be another!” she told the news site. “My slogan is one of the phrases the doll asks the girl to repeat: ‘Nobody Do Me Better Than Me.'”

All it takes is a squeeze to get Super Beauty talking. TiffanyJ says the doll randomly rotates positive phrases, so you can’t predict what she’ll say next.

The Super Beauty Pep Talker is now available for pre-order online, just in time to make Christmas lists. TiffanyJ said she hopes to sell her creation in Walmart and other retailers.

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