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Meghan McCain Offers No Apologies After Admitting She Still Calls Hillary ‘Crooked’

Meghan McCain’s unabashed supported for President Donald Trump was on full display last week when she admitted she still uses the derogatory moniker “crooked” to describe former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

On Friday, “The View” co-hosts weighed in on Trump’s latest Twitter rant, where he blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller “and his gang of 13 angry Democrats” for allegedly scanning his tweets as part of the “rigged witch hunt” into possible collusion with Russia.

In one of the tweets, the president claimed Mueller retained “Bill and Crooked Hillary’s lawyer” for the ongoing investigation.

President Donald Trump

Twitter screenshot.

Co-host Joy Behar marveled at how Trump could still call Clinton “crooked,” considering all the legal trouble he’s wrapped up in now.

“When he’s the biggest crook — I mean …” Behar said, throwing up her hands in disbelief.

McCain didn’t see the issue and admitted she still uses Trump’s infamous “adage” herself.

“Joy, I call her ‘Crooked Hillary. I do,” she said, chuckling. “When I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, I call her ‘Crooked Hillary.'”

“And what do you call him?” Behar shot back. “‘Lying Don?'”

“I call him President Trump,” McCain replied. ” … Which, maybe – I mean – maybe, I shouldn’t. There are even parts of me, as you know, that still react to the adages that he uses, I guess.”

“‘Crooked Hillary’ really worked during the election,” McCain added, seemingly defending the man who has repeatedly disparaged her ailing father. “Because, I hate Hillary Clinton, as everyone here knows.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said the tactic was something straight out of dictator’s playbook.

“Make a big lie; say it over and over and over again; make everyone believe it,” she said.

Viewers were quick to call out McCain’s defense of the president and accused her of reverting to her usual self-centered, narcissistic on-air antics.

“It seems like every day the past two weeks ,there’s another video gone viral of Meghan makin an ass out of herself & saying all kinds of demented bullshit,” one user wrote. “I feel like shes just 3 “The View” episodes away from going full on mental patient & quitting the show which i fully support!”

“I can’t stand her either,” wrote another. “Today put the final exclamation point in my utter disrespect and disdain for her. She was not raised well at all. She has no class and no grace. I was hoping she would learn some humility dealing with her father’s illness.”

Watch more in the video below.

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