Tamar Braxton’s On-Stage Antics Has Fans Questioning if She’s Truly Happy with Herself

Tamar Braxton is living her best life, and she isn’t afraid to show it.

The R&B songstress shared a video of her performance at the Cincinnati Music Festival on Friday, where she blessed fans with an inspirational message of self-confidence and self-love while snatching off her wig.

“I’m like everybody else trying to figure it out,” she begins, before snatching off her blonde wig to reveal her bald head. “I’m a real woman! I love me for me. And if you don’t like me for me, then that’s your problem — not my problem no more.”

Tamar Braxton

Songstress Tamar Braxton shocked fans when she snatched off her wig in the name of self-love. (Instagram / video screenshot)

Her proud declaration sent fans into a tizzy, with some clapping and cheering and others still shocked by her spontaneous wig snatch.

“Now that I know I can do all things … anything,” Braxton added. “I’m super bitch.”

The “Love and War” singer continued hyping herself up, telling fans her talents may not have been “good enough” before but they’re definitely” good enough now.

“I betcha can’t do it like me,” she said.

Fans lauded the singer for showing her authentic self and agreed it was her time to shine.

“YESSSS hunii!” one user wrote. “I love the showing of the true you…and Hair don’t make NOBODY….Simply Gorgeous.”

” … You’re gorgeous!! Straightforward and made of sooo much more than they know 😘,” another wrote. “Going through the every day black woman struggle, you missed your time to really become what should have been in the business of entertainment. You’re not a reality star ⭐ you are a star 🌟.”

Not everyone was impressed by Braxton’s on-stage antics, however, and questioned if her self-love was genuine or just for show.

“I really hope this is real self-love and not just a show for us because somehow I feel there’s a deep hurt within you that won’t go away,” one woman commented. ” … You’re an awesome talent and I’m a fan — just not a fan of your seemingly sometimes wreckless behavior.”

Another user felt Braxton was being too dramatic and exhibiting “extra ratchet behavior.”

“In my opinion, she keeps making herself look like a fool pretending to be happy,” they wrote. “Dying on the inside but outside you looking fearless.”

Watch more in the video below.


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