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Meghan McCain ‘Bummed Out’ About Sherri Shepherd’s Comments — But Sherri Is Unbothered

Meghan McCain was in her feelings about the criticism she received from former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd earlier this week.

Shepherd appeared on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen on Sunday where she discussed McCain’s performance on the daytime talk show and suggested she “lighten up” a bit.

“[Megan] just has to evolve,” Shepherd said. “She has to get used to sitting there at that table. I think she needs to not take the whole Republican world on her shoulders. It’s too much.”

“You’re not the Republican voice,” she continued. “It makes you stressed, it makes you tense. I think being able to just lighten up a little.”

McCain, 33, first responded to the criticism via Twitter then later appeared on the same show Wednesday night and told Cohen the comments rubbed her the wrong way.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain (left) didn’t appreciate the unsolicited advice she received from Sherri Shepherd. (Photo by Getty Images / Lifetime Entertainment)

“I was super bummed out when I saw her saying that,” McCain said. “She said I need to lighten up. You know, ‘The View,’ it’s a tough show that’s really politically heavy. We’re a news show now. It’s not the show that she once hosted.”

The conservative pundit stressed that “in Trump’s America,” women shouldn’t be telling other women to lighten up.

“We can take things seriously,” she added.

Shepherd seemed unbothered by the controversy, however, and in a tweet, clarified she didn’t mean any harm by her comments.

Sherri Shepherd

Twitter screenshot.

Rather than waste more energy on the dispute, Shepherd has spent time promoting her NBC sitcom “Trial & Error” as well as a new project with fellow comic Alesia C. Etinoff.

Sherri Shepherd

Twitter screenshot.

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