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Kandi Burruss Shares the Most Adorable Video of Her Husband Todd Tucker Playing with Their Son

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss shared an adorable video of her husband Todd Tucker putting on a show for their son Ace Wells Tucker.

In the heart-warming video, Tucker is playing with his son who appears to be fully engaged. Tucker appears behind a red curtain with hands shaped as a puppet, “Hi, my name is Dad, what’s your name?” Little Ace played along with his dad answering questions as Burruss is in the background suggesting her hubby use actual puppets next time. Tucker jokes that “we’re cheap, we don’t wanna buy no puppets.” Either way, Ace was having a good time and even agreed with his dad.

The reality star shared the video with her followers who applauded Tucker for being a good dad, “Here’s my other puppet master! 😂 @todd167”

Others added,

“@todd167 is the best DAD he dont just buy the toys he creates the best memories”

“Omg so cute… @todd167doing what he knows to add joy to his sons life.. Bravissimo to @todd167 ❤”

“ol! I love how Ace is just playing along. “We’re cheap mommy. We don”t wanna buy no puppets” LMAOOO”

“Heyyyy do ole school …get some old socks and mismatch buttons and yarn and make ur own puppet. ACE would enjoy making his own 😊☺”

“@kandi tell him to get some white socks and a sharpie and make him some puppets, oh and some yellow and brown yard for hair, lol”

“Ace is so adorable and I love the way you two share your joyful moments with your kids..@kandi”

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