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Bronx Doctor Gets Found Out as Closet White Nationalist; Claims He’s Now Seeking Professional Help

A New York City hospital radiologist is “off-duty” pending an investigation into claims he’s an undercover white nationalist.

The shocking allegations against Dr. Dov Bechhofer, 27, first surfaced in a now-deleted post on Medium accusing Bechhofer of befriending white nationalist authors on social media, authoring racist and xenophobic comments on right-wing website Counter-Currents and operating a Facebook page for a eugenics conference attended by neo-Nazis, Newsweek reported.

The anonymous author of the post ID’d Bechhofer, also known as “Dov,” as a resident radiologist at Montefiore Medical Center’s Moses Campus in the Bronx.

White Nationalist Doctor

Dr. Dov Bechhofer is accused of authoring several racist online posts, including where he advocated for a white ethno-state. (Image courtesy of Medium)

“… As soon as we learned of the article, the employee was placed off duty pending the results of a thorough investigation,” a spokesman for the hospital said in a statement. “The views expressed in the article are in no way reflective of Montefiore, our mission, how we conduct ourselves, or the care we deliver each day.”

In a trove of archived comments linked to in the Medium post, Bechhofer, known online simply as “Dov,” repeatedly expressed support for a white ethno-state and even called for the expulsion of Muslims from Europe.

“The West has no use for [Muslims], and they’ll be just fine when they go home,” he wrote.

“If we take the birth of a non-white in isolation from context, that birth isn’t inherently a tragedy to the white race … [my] point is the principle that the loss of a white child is far worse than the birth of a non-white, at least in theory,” Bechhofer wrote in another.

In another post attributed to “Dov,” the doctor wrote, ” … Do I despise Blacks like [Colin] Kaepernick for milking the White cow despite the fact that he, his race, and all others are already in such objective debt to Whites? Absolutely.”

White Nationalist Doctor

Twitter screenshot.

The author of the Medium post detailed how he/she was able to link Bechhofer to “Dov’s comments, noting similarities between their birthplaces, occupations, Facebook page and connections to prominent white nationalist figures, among other things, according to Gothamist.

Not only is “Dov” a raging white nationalist, but it turns out he’s Jewish — and the son of a rabbi at that, the author of the Medium post suspects. This didn’t stop him from making a number of anti-Semitic comments, however.

“I’ve had it in my head to write a little something called ‘A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism,’ but it’s been slipping my mind,” “Dov” once wrote.

“ … In short, the vocal majority of Jews act so irritatingly and display such reprehensible attitudes — publicly and privately — that I’d rather see a ‘tempered’ anti-Semitism now than see Jewish perfidy continue without consequence until, as Johnny Cash might say, the man comes around. Because he will,” he continued.

In a statement from an email listed as belonging to Bechhofer to Newsweek, the embattled doctor apologized for his “transgressions.”

“I am filled with remorse and take full responsibility for my actions, which will long be an embarrassment to my family, friends, colleagues, and community,” he wrote in part. “Today, I’m at the beginning of a process to make amends for my behavior and am committed to working on my personal flaws. I am actively seeking long-term professional help to deal with these issues, which must be confronted honestly and completely.”

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