Porsha Williams Calls Ciara’s Message the ‘Prayer We’ve Been Waiting On’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is all about a “prayer” singer Ciara posted about how to put her new song “Level Up” into action.

“Y’all this the prayer we been waiting on! Llol @ciara 👏🏾,” Williams wrote in a Tuesday, July 25 post when she shared Ciara’s memo, which she described as “So Many Ways To #LevelUp.”

Porsha Williams

Listed in the post are essentially ways to motivate yourself, practice self-love and achieve personal goals. They include meditation, being your own boss, being vulnerable, dropping dead weight, surrounding yourself with greatness and getting the love you deserve.

Fans swiftly ate up both the message and the support between Williams and Ciara.

“I loved that….thank you!!!💯👊🏽.”

“I TELL you this is what I’m on FORREAL, FORREAL!! Some people just won’t understand, smh!”

“Damn amen love you for this one!”

“LIFE GOALS💖💖💖 @ciara. AND @porsha4real BOSS LADIES👑👑👑.”

“@porsha4real I’m so happy u are supporting @ciara.”

Williams has been feeling good as of late. She recently celebrated her new man Dennis McKinley’s birthday, giving him a welcome shout out while putting his face on display for the first time. She still, however, did not refer to him by name, preferring to stick to using his initials, DM.

The celebration may have put the star in a reflective mood, as she just celebrated her own birthday on June 22.

Williams’ newest Instagram message, which she posted Thursday, July 26, had a similar tone to the “Level Up” one.

“Your entire life can really change in a year… you just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more and be disciplined enough to actually work for more,” it reads.

And since things are finally coming together in Williams’ love life, it’s no surprise that she co-signed what she saw by captioning the post, “Man…Big Facts.”

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