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Fans Blast Forbes Writer for Calling Nicki Minaj’s New Album Rollout ‘Desperate’

A writer for Forbes magazine wrote a scathing opinion piece about Nicki Minaj and the roll-out of her upcoming “Queens” album, which drops Aug. 10.

The writer’s name is Bryan Rolli, and he started the piece with the lines: “Nicki Minaj needs a big win right now. The Young Money rapper is just two-and-a-half weeks out from the release of her fourth studio album ‘Queen,’ and she’s clearly feeling the pressure of entering a rap landscape that looks drastically different than when she dropped her last album ‘The Pinkprint’ in 2014.”

Nicki Minaj Blasted


But it’s not clear how Rolli can know or even gauge how Minaj is “feeling” or if she perceives competition as “pressure.”

He then pointed out that Minaj isn’t the sole female mainstream rapper anymore and brought up Cardi B, who he called “More vibrant and pop-savvy.” The writer also referenced Nicki’s three recent singles and how they weren’t enough to distract people from some of the controversies she’s recently found herself in.

Back in April, the New York rhymer released “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li,” and the latter hit the No. 10 spot on the Billboard 100.

Rolli noted that it was Nicki’s first solo Top 10 hit in four years and the three singles she released in 2017 “Changed It,” “No Frauds” and “Regret in Your Tears” didn’t reach the Hot 100 at all.

The Forbes writer mentioned Nicki’s latest single “Bed” as well, featuring Ariana Grande and stated that it only reached No. 43 spot on the Hot 100.

The way it seems, Rolli listed all of those chart positions to say Minaj’s reign is over, and she’s on her way to being replaced by the Cardi Bs of the world.

It appears he based his Nicki, Cardi comparisons solely on Billboard positions and not lyrical content, flow, writing skills or any of the things that also separate artists.

Elsewhere in the Forbes piece, Rolli blasted Minaj for working with Tekashi 6ix9ine on the new single “FEFE,” mainly because he pled guilty to three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor last year.

Although the writer noted the song reached No. 2 on Spotify and received 30 million YouTube views, he said it’s a desperate attempt for Minaj to keep her name out there.

“The only possible explanation for the existence of “FEFE” is that Minaj, now 35, made a shameless attempt to stay relevant,” he wrote. 

“But it’s embarrassing and revolting to watch Minaj squander her talents alongside a one-note rapper who pled guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance. The Minaj gallivanting alongside a life-size Skittle with face tattoos in the “FEFE” video is a far cry from the Minaj who tweeted in 2012 that ‘people who abuse children should be stoned to death in public,’” added Rolli.

He also slammed the “The Pinkprint” rapper for the altercation she had with writer Wanna Thompson earlier this month. As we previously reported, Wanna criticized Minaj’s music, who then sent her a nasty message. Minaj’s fans, The Barbz, tore into Thompson as well.

“The same artist who tearfully told Zane Lowe that Cardi B ‘really, really, really hurt [her] feelings’ by not thanking her for her ‘Motorsport’ feature, went out of her way to mock and insult a stranger on the internet for mildly critiquing her work,” wrote Rolli. “Minaj likes to tout feminist ideals and play the victim when it fits her narrative, but she resorts to petty bullying tactics upon receiving the slightest criticism.”

Fans quickly hit back at the writer.  

“She never lost in order to reclaim so your post is invalid Queen forever 👑👑👑👑🙌 ”

“People already know that Atlantic Records is behind this! Lmaooooooo”

One fan said, “This is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! The write of this article reeks of desperation for readers and attention!!! Nicki Minaj’s spot is solidified in Hip-Hop as the QUEEN!! She single handled revived the entire genre.. Put some respect on her name!!!”

While another fan said, “Lmaooo when did y’all become an urban blog? “Reclaim” when she still out rapping ppl, getting booked for snl, bet, etc… A solo top 10 gold hit…. Like wtf”

“Nicki Minaj is cemented in the face of rap and Hip Hop forever. Her influence on the culture is undeniable. Shes still breaking ceilings for both female and men. A new female rapstress that doesn’t even pen her own rhymes does not compare to Nicki. This is a pathetic article.”


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