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Writer Regrets Insulting Nicki Minaj, Says Daughter Is Getting Death Threats

Nicki Minaj BlastedNicki Minaj fans won’t let up on Wanna Thompson, a hip-hop blogger and cultural critic from Toronto, who criticized the rapper.

It started when Thompson gave an opinion on the rapper’s music and her fans, the Barbz, attacked her online.

Recently, the young writer spoke to The New York Times about the ordeal, and she detailed exactly what she’s been through in the past several days.

To refresh your memory, Thompson said that she’d like Minaj to make music that’s a little more mature in the future.

“You know how dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content?” she wrote. “No silly s—. Just reflecting on past relationships, being a boss, hardships, etc. She’s touching 40 soon, a new direction is needed.”

The Barbz then responded and insulted Thompson in various ways. Minaj also chimed in and sent Thompson a direct message, which the writer posted later on.

“Eat a d— you hatin’ ass hoe,” wrote Minaj in the DM. “Got the nerve to have a Trini flag on your page. You must not have heard the ‘Pinkprint’ or ‘Pills N Potions,’ ‘Bed of Lies,’ ‘Save Me,’ my recent feature with Alicia Keys, Tasha Cobbs,” Nicki responded. “Just say you jealous. I’m rich, famous, intelligent, pretty and go. But wait, leave my balls. Tired of you sucking on them.”

Then after Thompson made the DM public, a lot of people took her side, and the hashtag #Istandwithwanna spread online.

In her interview with Times, the Canadian blogger said the controversy has been a harrowing experience, one that’s affected her both personally and professionally.

Besides having her own blog, Thompson also interned for a rap website that’s associated with hip-hop personality Karen Civil, which she got fired from after she made the DMs public. According to the site’s CEO, the writer violated a nondisclosure agreement, but she fully denies it.

Thompson also claimed the Barbz have been calling her ugly and stupid, plus, they’ve said the same things about her 4-year-old daughter. They even contacted Thompson on her personal cell phone, and now she’s considering therapy.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” she said. “[I’m] physically drained and mentally depleted … Her fans mimic her behavior.”

In fact, things have been so bad for Thompson, she regrets saying anything about Minaj’s music in that post.

“If I knew it would get this much harassment and that my daughter would be affected, I don’t think that I would have posted it,” she stated. “Every person has a right to defend themselves and react to certain statements. But when you start to insult somebody you’ve crossed a line … You have a responsibility as a public figure to present yourself in a certain way.”

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