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Tiny Harris Posts Cute Video of 2-Year-Old Daughter Heiress Spelling Her Name

Tiny Harris is amazed by her youngest daughter Heiress. The 2-year-old the Xscape singer shares with husband T.I. is able to spell her name with the help of a children’s song.

“There was a girl with a ponytail and Heiress was her name-o,” Harris begins to sing to the tune of “Bingo” in a throwback clip. “H-E-I-R-E-S-S, H-E-I-R-E-S-S, H-E-I-R-E-S-S and Heiress was her name-o!”

The toddler was able to join in and sing out the spelling of her name with her mom. That led Harris to express pleasant surprise that Heiress picked right back up on it when she asked her to spell her name recently.

“Man this really works! As you will see I went back & asked her how she spells her name & she went right to that part,” Harris, known as @majorgirl on Instagram, said of her daughter’s skills. “Crazy thing is we haven’t sung this in so long. First time she’s ever repeated it all the way. I’m really amazed she knows it fr! I’m in love with this little baby @heiressdharris thx @who_but_i for giving me the game!! 👑💜.”

And it wasn’t just Harris who was excited about Heiress’ recall. Fans began applauding the effort, too. They also backed up the mother of four for how she taught he youngest to spell her name.

“Soooo smart!!”

“Wooow that’s amazing! Shes such a smart lil diva! Good job @majorgirl and @troubleman31.”

“OMG, I love this little girl so much!!! She’s so smart @majorgirl You’re an amazing mother.”

“@majorgirl yes it does! I am a childcare provider/ teacher and when you teach children with song or rhythm they catch on faster. Good job lil mama.”

“Yes ma’am! I taught my son with his drumsticks and drum pad how to spell his long name lol! He’ll be 14 and still remember the melody lol #ChristopherAnthony.”

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