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T.I. Donates Pricey Item To Help Houston Residents In Need

Houston rapper Trae tha Truth is raising money to help those in need by having celebrities donate a pair of hard-to-get sneakers.

So far, he’s recruited the Houston Rockets Chris Paul and James Harden, as well as Bun B, Nicky Diamonds, DJ Khaled and T.I., who posted a video about the shoes he’s giving away.

T.I. Donates Shoes


“Okay, so I’m very apprehensive about this, and I don’t know why I’m doing it, but Trae tha Truth talked me into donating my shoes to the auction,” Tip said holding up a pair of white high tops.

“These shoes are important to me, because I had these shoes on when I recorded “Ye vs. The People,” so if you go back and check the video, you look, you can’t miss them,” he added. “These are Balenciagas with the neon laces, size 48, European size and nine for America.”

Trae partnered with the sneaker auction website Stockx for the sweepstakes, and to enter contestants need to donate $10. Each $10 donation buys one opportunity to win a pair of shoes, but there’s no limit on how many each person can buy.

DJ Khaled is donating a pair of his “We The Best” Jordan 3s, that has a red colorway and his “We The Best” slogan written on the heels.

All of the proceeds will be given to Trae’s nonprofit organization Angel By Nature, which helps underserved youth and those living in impoverished communities.

As far as T.I.’s involvement with the Houston rapper’s efforts, it aligns with what he’s doing in his old Atlanta neighborhood.  

As we previously reported, the “Rubberband Man” invested his own money to create housing, open business and to beautify Atlanta’s Center Hill section. But he wanted the area to still be affordable for the people who’ve always lived there.

“I didn’t want it to be one of those situations where luxury condos go up, and people who are native are pushed out to the fringes because they can’t afford to live there,” T.I. explained. “I wanted to provide development that would allow people from the area who love the community to be able to afford to stay.”

To donate to Trae’s nonprofit and to have a chance of winning a pair of sneakers, you can click on this link. The sweepstakes will end on Thursday (July 26) at midnight.

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