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Jill Scott Puts Estranged Husband’s Belongings In Storage

Singer Jill Scott is ready to put her failed marriage behind her. The songstress is dealing with her soon-to-be ex-husband Mike Dobson requesting his belongings be returned.

TMZ obtained documents last month of Dobson saying he has been pestering Scott about returning his items. He claimed that the “A Long Walk” singer had few items of his including, a Prince “Purple Rain” album, 5 hotel robes, a massage table, a Dewalt laser level and an extended shoehorn. Dobson claimed he tried to retrieve his belongings but Scott changed the locks.

According to TMZ, Jilly from Philly did try to return the items but to no avail after getting no response from Dobson. After not hearing back from Dobson, Scott said she put her estranged husband’s items in storage and mailed him the key. However, Dobson has yet to pick up the items and she’s forced to continue paying the bill.

Scott also added her husband stole the robes from the hotel and she had to pay for them.

Scott is asking the judge to throw out Dobson’s request since she’s done her best to return his belongings.

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