Pregnant Kenya Moore Goes Blonde and Some Fans Are Concerned

Kenya Moore debuted a hot new look on Instagram over the weekend, trading in her signature dark tresses for a lightened up, blonde ‘do. But not all of her fans were here for the look, concerned that the pregnant “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was causing harm to her unborn child.

“Do blondes have more fun? 🤔❤” Moore playfully captured the image of herself splayed across the bed and gazing into the camera lens.

Many fans adored her new appearance, but others wondered about how safe it is to dye her hair as an expectant mother.

“Don’t they say not to dye your hair while pregnant? Be careful, Kenya!! I like to cut my hair off and make it blonde during the summer and I didn’t do it while I was pregnant.”

“I thought pregnant people weren’t supposed to dye their hair.”

“@thekenyamoore be careful with hair dye when you are pregnant and fish. It’s not good to have those chemicals and toxins while preggers.”

Still, other fans defended the star, saying that the claim pregnant women could harm their babies by dying their hair is a myth and others felt she could have been wearing a wig.

“A myth. the chemicals now are not like they were yrs ago.”

“It’s a myth. Besides, there are many organic alternatives to using chemical dye. Have you ever heard of Henna dye?”

“Kenya has beautiful long luscious hair. I don’t think she would be that stupid to dye it. It’s most likely a wig.”

“Don’t worry fans, it’s not her hair, it’s a hair lace wig.😁🤐🤒🤣🤣🤪🤪.”

While Moore hasn’t responded to speculation about her new hair color, if she did dye her tresses, Dr. Yvonne Butler Tobah, an OBGYN, told the Mayo Clinic that there is limited research on how the use of hair dyes affect pregnancy.

“These chemicals aren’t generally thought to pose harm to a developing baby. However, given the lack of available evidence, you might consider postponing any chemical hair treatments until after you deliver.”

Kenya Moore

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