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McClure Twins’ Birth Father Tries to Clear His Name After Ami Dunn Paints Him as a Deadbeat Dad

McClure Twins Family

The McClure’s family drama after several racist tweets by the twins adoptive dad, Justin McClure, surfaced online. (Image courtesy of Madam Noire)

The McClure twins family drama has taken a turn this week after a man alleged to be the twins’ birth father came forward with his side of the ever-evolving story.

Things turned sour for the famous YouTube family last week after several racist, derogatory tweets about Black women, penned by patriarch Justin McClure, appeared on social media, sparking backlash. McClure, an ex–comedian, apologized for the offensive remarks during an emotional sit-down with his Nigerian wife, Ami Dunn McClure.

Video of their meeting raised questions about whether the twins were born when Justin wrote the racist tweets, leading Ami Dunn to reveal that Justin was NOT their biological father. In a separate video, the mother of three explained she was once married to “… a man I knew I should not have married,” and described their relationship as “toxic” and “abusive.”

“Finding out I was pregnant with the girls is what gave me the courage to get out of that relationship because I knew I couldn’t bring children into a toxic and abusive environment,” she said, fighting tears. “So I did my best as a mother to not allow my mistake to affect my children.”

Ami Dunn said the twins fare-weather father did nothing to support her and wasn’t present during her difficult pregnancy.

Jeff Pestka

Jeff Pestka is reportedly the biological father of Ami Dunn McClure’s twins, Ava and Alexis. (Image courtesy of @TeeSoPettyLike / Twitter)

A man named Jeff Pestka has spoken up, however, after a fan of the McClures reportedly emailed him and filled him in on their ongoing drama. According to the leaked messages, Pestka had no idea all this was going on, or that Ami and their twins were Youtube famous.

“Wow I never even (k)new about all this,” Pestka wrote to the anonymous sender, who asked if he was indeed the twins’ bio-dad. “She (Ami) disappeared in 2015. Lied to the court when our divorce was final. Blocked all communication and moved from where I knew they were. Threatened to call the police and ‘make up whaevet (to) get you arrested’ so I left it alone. Never knew about this other individual (Justin) parading around as my children’s father.”

Pestka revealed the twins were born via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and claimed he was there for Ami’s C-section, contrary to his ex-wife’s claims.

Read more of the messages below.




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