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McClure Family Forced to Reveal Justin Is Not the Twins’ Birth Father as Folks Point Out Inconsistencies  

YouTube’s famous McClure twins are best known for their adorably silly antics, but the recent controversy surrounding their family has been less-than-comical.

The McClures made headlines last week after several racist and derogatory tweets penned by dad Justin McClure were unearthed online, sparking backlash. Since then, the interracial family has been doing some serious damage control, which came with a shocking revelation from the twins’ mother, Ami Dunn McClure.

In a video posted to Facebook on Sunday, she revealed her husband is NOT her daughters’ biological father, explaining the time gap between when the twins were born and when she met Justin.

“Justin adopted the girls,” she said. “He is their dad, he’s the only dad they’ve ever known and will be the only dad they ever know. Now that you know that, let me share my truth.”

Ami Dunn, who’s Nigerian, said those close to the family have always known and that they planned to share their story with the world — but only when they felt their girls understood “as best they could as 5-year-olds, what this means.” She said she and her husband have been speaking to the twins about it for the last year and a half.

In the five-minute clip, Ami Dunn explains that she was previously married and in a relationship, she described as “toxic” and “abusive.”

“In 2012, I married a man I knew I should not have married,” she said. “Finding out I was pregnant with the girls is what gave me the courage to get out of that relationship because I knew that I couldn’t bring children into a toxic and abusive environment.”

“So I did my best as a mother to not allow my mistake to affect my children,” she added, fighting back tears. She noted that man she was married to did not provide for her before or after her difficult pregnancy, and so she was prepared to raise her children on her own.

In a separate video posted on Saturday, Ami Dunn and her husband addressed the recent controversy stemming from the racist tweets. The mother of three insisted she did not know Justin, a former comedian, at the time he made the offensive remarks, saying the two didn’t meet until 2014. The twins, Alexis and Ava, were born in 2013, however, leaving fans to speculate what this could mean.

In McClure family fashion, she took to social media to clear the air.

“The story of how Justin and I met was the truth,” Ami Dunn said. “It was after the girls were born. They were a little over a year old … As our relationship developed it just became evident that this was meant to be. That we were meant to be a family.”


We didn't plan on telling it this way, but we are glad to share. Our kids are and will always be our first priority, many of you I'm sure will understand that. We are a family by destiny.

Posted by The McClure Family on Sunday, July 15, 2018

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