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T.I.’s Alleged Mistress Hits Back After Being Accused of Trying to Upstage Tiny on Her Birthday

While Tiny was celebrating her 43rd birthday with husband T.I. over the weekend, fans accused the rapper’s rumored mistress of trying to upstage his wife.

Asia’h Epperson, who was caught getting her buttocks patted by Tip at a concert last month, posted two bikini-clad shots of herself on a beach, but one, in particular, got under some user’s skins.

“This that type of all natural money can’t buy 🦄#godswork,” the “Greenleaf” actress captioned the above IG photo uploaded Sunday, July 15.

Some users interpreted the comment to be shade hurled at Tiny, who had a lavish birthday weekend before T.I. gave her a custom Benz full of gifts on July 14.

While the comments have since been deleted, judging by Epperson’s responses, folks claimed she was dissing Tiny’s plastic surgically enhanced assets.

“@politically_incorrect_hijabi nonsense cause I posted a picture embracing natural women! Lol! Your right!! That such nonsense! And guess what!! The block and delete button is here on social media and in real life for a reason! sorry! Not sorry!! and u know why!!???! IT’S MY PAGE!! Lol! I’m a positive person!!! Always have been always will be! So yes! My team will be deleting and erasing all things that are not a true representation of who I am!!! And I’m Sorry that judging and criticizing and being cruel and mean and hurtful to people that u don’t know due to a situation that u have no clue about and has nothing to do with you is who YOU ARE! Sad!”

Asia'h Epperson

She also responded to another user who seemed to have made a similar claim.

“@londonstyles__ omg!!!!! Literally, no one was throwing shade at anyone!!!! Lol! I have many pictures on my timeline that speak about natural beauty and not being materialistic because that’s who I am!!!! This ain’t the 1st post and it won’t be the last!! It has nothing to do with anyone but myself!!!!! I’m team T.I. and Tiny too!!! I’m all about love! I have nothing to do with either one of them or their marriage! That’s what y’all don’t seem to understand! Or y’all just want someone to be mean and cruel to! judge and criticize them!!??! 🙄 but once again, thanks for your concern!”

Asia'h Epperson

In response, several fans continued to weigh in, doubting her positivity.

“Shade like a mf.”

“@asiahepperson beautiful woman have respect for yourself and never hurt the next woman.”

“@asiahepperson girl you are ain’t nobody reaching lol.”

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