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Serena Williams Shares Heartfelt Message to ‘Moms’ After Losing Wimbledon Final

Star-studded tennis player Serena Williams may have lost the 2018 Wimbledon finals, but she won over the hearts of many fans after posting a heartwarming message on Instagram.

Williams faced off against Angelique Kerber on Saturday in London and lost the tennis championship match 6-3. Nevertheless, the mother of 10-month-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian didn’t let her lost on the court defeat her completely.

The 36-year-old wrote to all of her followers and supporters, “These past 2 weeks was amazing. It also was a sound for all moms stay home and working you can do it you really can! I’m not any better or diff than any of you all. Your support has ment so much to me. Let’s keep making noise every day in everything we do. I’ll be back (and soon too)
Road to the Us Open is next! Stay strong no matter what. Oh and this is just the beginning. Love you 💪🏿.”

Fans praised Williams for her success and called her an “inspiration to moms everywhere.”

“BRILLIANT JOB. You have inspired us all by sharing your love and strength. You have the force of all of us cheering you through your daily battles,” one person commented.

“Love you so much and we support you all the way. And still big congrats even we didn’t take it this time 💪🏽, ” an Instagram user said.

“I can’t tell how wonderful and amazing you are! I’m so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Peace and Blessings to you and your beautiful family, ” one fan wrote.

“You are a true inspiration in everything you do and by who you are. Thank you for sharing your honesty and struggles. Next US Open! GOAT. MOMMY 🙌🏾,” another added.

Williams said in a post-interview, “I was really happy to get this far… “For all the moms out there, I was playing for you today and I tried, but Angelique played really well.”

The star missed last year’s tournament due to her pregnancy. She welcomed the birth of her baby girl Alexis Jr. in September 2017 with husband Alexis Ohanian.

Williams conveyed on social media that she’s gearing up for the next US Open tournament.

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