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Tamar Braxton Teases Ex Husband With Sexy Photo and Fans Go Crazy

Reality star Tamar Braxton shared a hot new picture on her Instagram that sent her fans into a frenzy!

The “My man” singer posted a picture wearing nothing but a blonde wig and black lacy lingerie. In the caption of her flaunting her toned body, she said, “Getting ready…for whatever😜”

In a previous interview segment on the Steve Harvey Show, Tamar revealed she used to dress to please her ex-husband Vince Herbert. She said he liked “blonde head, light fair women.”  Because Tamar wasn’t born with blonde hair, she said she purchased a ton of blonde wigs to please him. Now that Tamar is bald, fans suspect she wore the wig to entice Vince.

“Yessss Tay-Tay. Come through BODY”

“That blond wig?? Does that mean date-night with Vince?”

“Married or Nah?”

“Body snatched!🙌🏾 Let me get up and go running😩”

“This is a revenge body baby. I see you sis.”

“shes a grown woman. Wow what? Theres nothing wrong with loving your NATURAL BODY and showing it . If these instagram ant body bitches can do it so can she.”

“Kinda makes me sad how tae will never know how much I love her and her music 😭❤”

“Come on slim in the waist & cute in the face!”

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