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Kandi Burruss’ Throwback Photo Reveals a Sister Fans Weren’t Aware of

A throwback photo Kandi Burruss just posted has fans stunned over a sister many were unaware the singer had.

“Here’s a #TBT with me & my cousin @writer_angela, my grandma (dad’s mom), & my sister @rebekahvocals,” Burruss captioned the photo from years ago on Thursday, July 12.

So it turns out Burruss, who rose to fame with the R&B girl group Xscape in the ’90s before launching a hit songwriting and solo career, isn’t the only vocalist in the family.

And the revelation left some of Burruss’ longtime followers stunned.

“Aww so cute…@kandi never knew you had a sister🙈 She’s cute you are all cute in your family😍😘😘.”

“@kandi I didn’t know you had a sister that’s a blessing you guys look a lot alike 😚.”

“Didn’t know u had a sister.”

“Sister!!! I never knew… you guys are beautiful!!😍.”

According to Rebekah’s website, the singer’s music is described as “down-to-earth” with a “straight-forward style.” She’s recorded songs with soothing vocals like, “What Should I Do” and “Friends To Lovers,” and wrote up-tempo anthems like “Too Damn Bad” and “S— is in the Streets.”

And the above Instagram post isn’t the first time Burruss has mentioned her sister. She previously shared a photo of Rebekah and their dad Titus Burruss, Jr. back in 2012 when they joined her for a party.

Meanwhile, fans of the “Don’t Think I’m Not” singer are more familiar with the star’s brother, Patrick Burruss, whom she lost when he died in a car accident in 1991.

“When he died, that was the worst moment in my entire life. There’s no way to describe it to anyone, and it’s a hard thing to even share with people,” she told in 2012. “My brother passed when I was 15, and I don’t think you’re the same anymore after you lose someone who’s that close to you. You realize anyone can go at any time.”

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