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Rapper Jim Jones Accuses JetBlue Airlines of Racial Profiling

The “We Fly High” rapper was heading to an Austin performance to reunite with his old crew the “Diplomats,” when he says he was treated unfairly.

During Jones’ flight to Texas with Jet Blue, he appeared to have had a confrontation with flight attendants before boarding his flight. The rapper captured a portion of the back-and-forth incident on Instagram Live. When he asked to speak to a supervisor about his mistreatment, a staff member went to get the captain.

Jones seemed clueless as to why he was being removed from the flight and asked the aircraft operator, “What did I do wrong Captain? … I take JetBlue every other day, I never have a problem with JetBlue. This is the only flight I take.”

He explained to the flight crew that he’s on his way to “work.” He also accused Jet Blue of racially profiling him.

The captain claimed that Jones was being uncooperative with flight attendants and accused Jones of not complying with the employee’s request.

“I did comply. I totally complied. You can ask every customer that’s sitting next to me,” the artist explained in the video. “I’m sitting there and the lady asks me to take out the pamphlet. I took out the pamphlet… I did nothing wrong. I pushed my bag under the seat. I wasn’t combative. I didn’t raise my voice.”

The two continued arguing for a few more minutes before the captain offered to move Jones to a different seat on the flight, which the rapper agreed.

Jones and the “Diplomats” are on tour for their ‘Dipset Forever Tour.’ The rapper will be reunited with rap crew including artists Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey.

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