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‘LHHATL’ Stars Tommie Lee and Spice’s Explosive Confrontation Has Fans Taking Sides

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” firecrackers Tommie Lee and reggae artist Spice faced off in a heated confrontation on Monday night’s reunion.

The duo collaborated with one another for their new track “Imma Get It” and recently dropped their video. However, a lot of drama occurred behind the scenes at the video shoot.

During the ‘LHHATL’ reunion special, Spice confronted Tommie once again about showing up late to the set of the music video. This critique didn’t sit well with the 34-year-old, because on the previous episode Tommie apologized for being late.

“Every last video I’ve seen from you is horrible,” Tommie said. “But you don’t have none because my last video got over a million views,” Spice shot back.

The ladies began to engulf into a sparring match and the mother of two threatened to beat up Spice. The reggae artist clapped back and yelled, “You can’t beat me!” The two both stood up at the same time and right before they lunged at one another security broke up the alteration.

Fans had mixed reactions to Spice and Tommie’s beef and said both ladies were in the wrong.

One viewer said, “I love Tommie but she can’t come for Spice. Spice has a legitimate Career & is iconic and known in the Caribbean/Dance Hall community. She’s an international artist. Tommie humble youself. Cause your not on the charts and got a ankle monitor on. Just saying…”

Another fan wrote, ” Spice could of came at Tommie betta.”

One person added, “I thought they were cool.”

On the episode before the reunion, Tommie and Spice made up after the 34-year old apologized to the Jamaican artist for her tardiness on set.

Tommie revealed to Spice and a few others that she’d been going through some hardships and apologized for her behavior. They both made amends and hugged it out. However, it seems the reunion show may have caused a rift between the two rappers again.

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