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Fans in Stitches After NeNe Leakes’ Cute Pose Gets Photobombed by Husband Gregg Leakes

While vacationing in the Bahamas this past week, NeNe Leakes wanted to pose for a cute photo in front of her favorite eateries but her husband Gregg Leakes ruined the photo. And that made for a humorous moment for fans.

“One of our fav lunch spots in the Bahamas for that amazing conch salad! Twin Brothers seafood & steak #fishfry,” she captioned the picture.

Posing with her hip turned up and a hand over her head, Leakes is apparently oblivious that Gregg is just behind her waving to the photographer.

“Gregg in the back 😍😂.”

“Is that Gregg in the background?! 😂😂😂 Hey Gregg!!!”

“LOL why you hiding, Gregg?”

“Gregg like, ‘I’m going to be in this photo’ 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️lol 😂😂😂.”

“Hey, Gregg!!! We see you back there!!! #Blacklove.”

This is the latest trip for the Leakes following a stay in Miami last month for the opening of NeNe’s Miami Swag Boutique location and her comedy show. Back in May, Leakes canceled a series of shows after Gregg was hospitalized for 15 days straight. In June she disclosed that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer.

Following the removal of Gregg’s cancer, NeNe asked fans for advice on what to do for treatment, wondering if chemotherapy or an alkaline diet was the best way to go. After fielding suggestions, the couple chose to go the all-natural route.

“Cancer patients rely on support a great deal! With that said, Gregg has switched his diet to Vegan and I’m supporting his efforts so I’ve given up all meat and consider myself a Pescatarian! It wasn’t even hard for me! I just said, ‘I’M DONE’ butIi need a little seafood in my life🤷🏾‍♀️. We are working really hard on getting our website up because you guys have asked so many great questions and you’ve helped us as well with all of your knowledge! With this site, we can help each other with motivation, herbs, recipes, diets, exercise etc. coming soon my friends😘 PS: keep the info coming! #lifeoftheleakes #fightingcancertogether.”

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