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Porsha Williams Shares Intense Workout Routine That Has Fans Screaming ‘Body Goals’

Porsha Williams’ sick body is giving folks a run for their money.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star recently posted some stunning shots in a two-piece swimsuit showing off her figure. But the body came at a price and she gave fans a glimpse of her intense workout routine days later.

“Everything is Love ❤ Morning Photo: @eyeofray,” she captioned one of the images of her sporting a bathing suit by Bfyne.

Fans swiftly began gushing over the image.

“#BodyGoals yasss that swimsuit tho 😍.” “Yesssss hunty the people ain’t ready… 💖💖.”

“Now that is some beautiful artwork!!! Yes, ma’am.” “Serious body goals.” “Always slaying 😍😍.”

As for how Williams maintains that body, the “Dish Nation” co-host, who dubbed herself “thickums” in an IG post wishing fans a happy holiday, includes leg workouts and boxing into her fitness regimen with the help of trainer Darrell Patterson.

And fans even deemed her intense workout “goals.”

“Goals…but I’m so lazy! 😂.” “Your punch is better than some of these rappers 😂.”

While exercise is part of how Williams maintains her body, during the last season of RHOA, she also explored veganism, calling herself a “baby vegan” on the series.

In an Instagram post last year, Williams said watching the Netflix food documentaries “What The Health” and “Cowspiracy” “took me over the edge.”

“I had been contemplating making a serious lifestyle change because after turning 36 I made a promise to myself to treat myself better… mind body & souls,” she continued. “You know these days it’s all about being thick and fine and body positivity. Well, I’m down for all of that but what about the inside? Will I be ‘fine’ after 50? Or will I continue feeding this temple of mine food that’s not made for it? Anyway, I’m now a vegan, I’m claiming it for my life. I’m going to try to hold myself accountable by sharing some of the journey with you all. Today I’m headed to the grocery store with the mindset [of] eat to live, not living to eat! My goal is simply that I’ll have a better quality of life for a long time to come and a much older Porsha will thank 36-year-old Porsha for saving her life! 🤦🏾‍♀️Please excuse any grammatical errors, I’m hungry! 😂 .”

While Porsha is definitely staying on top of her workout commitment, it’s unclear if she’s still a vegan.


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