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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Miss Quad Is No Longer Wearing Her Wedding Ring

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NICE 😍😘 📸 by @shari_nycole

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A Monday, July 2 photo “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford posted on Instagram had one fan beaming over the fact that the star still had her wedding ring — or so they thought.

The image, which Miss Quad captioned, “NICE 😍😘 📸 by @shari_nycole,” appeared to show a wedding band on the reality star’s left ring finger but she cleared the air when a fan brought it up.

“@absolutelyquad glad to see you still have on your wedding ring!!!,” the IG user said.

“@ob_rnlife No, it’s David Yurman,” Webb-Lunceford said in response.

married to medicine

married to medicine

While many fans praised her for her stunning looks, others gave her credit for remaining firm in divorcing her husband, Dr. Greg Lunceford.

“Live your best life, at first glance I thought you were a horrible person. I thought you were mean. Then discovered you were stronger than any other woman on M2M. You were suffering in silence. I ❤you and admire your strength sis.”

“She looks a peace and happy.”

“That’s the Way To Do It! @absolutelyquad! Stay Fit, Strong and Healthy! Self-Worth and Self -Value Is Your Power💞💞💞💞.”

Miss Quad filed for divorce from Dr. G in May and since then, things have gotten messy.

Webb-Lunceford, who separated from her husband in April, accused him of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her, “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery.

The couple’s marriage woes were documented on the last season of “Married to Medicine,” which saw them at odds over starting a family and getting therapy to discuss the psychiatrist going to a hotel with another woman, who later tried to extort him.

Webb-Lunceford even asked for a divorce on air and filed for the separation. But her husband wasn’t going to take her accusations sitting down. He slapped her with a response denying he treated her cruelly and also disputed having an affair. Lunceford also accused her of taking pre-marital property from their home without his permission and wants a judge to force her to return them and be awarded spousal support.

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