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‘LHHATL’ Stevie J and Erica Mena Dish It Out Once Again with the Help of Rich Dollaz

Reality stars Stevie J and Erica Mena just can’t seem to coexist with one another without getting into an altercation.

On VH1’s hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” the two engulfed into another verbal shouting match. However, this time Stevie bought an accomplice, Mena’s ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz.

In the course of Monday night’s finale, the LHHATL cast members gathered together for an anti-gun violence event to honor the Shooter’s late son who was shot to death. In the midst of Mena and Tokyo Vanity talking, Rich Dollaz and Stevie J came strolling to the table.

The moment Dollaz sat down, things quickly took a turn for the worst. Mena accused Stevie of starting drama by inviting her ex-boyfriend to the event and called the “Hitman” a b**ch once again. The two hotheads continued to spew harsh jabs at one another until Dollaz pulled Mena to the side and security stepped in.

The “Dollaz Unlimited” music executive confronted the model on why she spoke ill about him and followed her all the way to the van.

Viewers called Stevie J and Dollaz out for double teaming Mena and questioned both men’s motives.

A Twitter user wrote, “So Stevie called Rich on Erica? Really? Is Rich her daddy? Is Rich her pimp? Is Rich her boss?”

One fan commented, “Erica walking away is being the bigger person because she’s avoiding a scene at an anti-violence event and being respectful towards it. Stevie and Rich are the immature ones asking for trouble at the worst time and place for that shit.”

A third person said, “Rich….. Erica owes you nothing!! & if she did say something about you, why are you worried about it?? You still got feels? Y’all not even together anymore. Like she said… “you like 5 years ago!”

Mena and Dollaz dated a few seasons ago on the original “LHHNY” franchise, but their relationship ended after being off-and-on for years. The duo has been estranged for five years.

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