GUHH Star Dame Dash Issues Ultimatum to Son Boogie Over Drug and Alcohol Abuse — and It Works

After Boogie Dash’s drug and alcohol use came to a head on “Growing Up Hip Hop” Thursday, his dad Dame Dash staged an intervention that built up to an ultimatum.

Over the course of the season, Boogie has been confronted about his issues with alcohol and his use of lean — a cocktail of prescription-strength cough syrup, fruit-flavored hard candies and a soda like Sprite. The latter came from Dash’s pal Master P, who warned him more sips of the popular rap beverage could be fatal.

“I don’t care how you think or how you like it … you might end up dead and that’s what your dad’s trying to protect,” he said. “If one of my kids get out of the way and do that, I’m in that s—. I ain’t givin’ them a chance. That’s how much I love them — I know that’s how much that man loves you.”

And Dash loves his son so much that he’s staged an intervention to get Boogie into treatment or else.

“The real consequence is he can’t do the show no more,” Dash tells the specialist he brought in as he sits beside his girlfriend, daughter and Boogie’s friends. “For right now, all he listens to is bread. He can’t buy drugs without no money and this is how he makes his money.”

When Boogie shows up, he cooperates before telling his dad he “would have respected you a lot more if you would have did this off camera.”

After Dash demands the cameras get shut off, the crew moves outside and continues to film the encounter.

Then, Boogie admits when he does drugs “I do too much of it at one time.” After admitting he called someone drunk the other day, the Dame said he needs to go into treatment. However, Boogie isn’t up for it, saying he has “certain things that I need to get done.”

“You do realize today will be your last day on this show if you don’t get help?” Dame responds.

While it seems as though Boogie wouldn’t be willing to give up his vices, he ultimately committed to getting help to stay on the WEtv series. In the recent episode, Boogie is seen in a rehab facility. He reaches out to fellow co-stars but says he is not ready to talk to his dad.

Meanwhile, viewers gave their two cents on what transpired.

“Wow, I feel bad for Dame Dash son Boogie. He seems like a decent person. It’s sad he’s dealing with addiction issues.”

“Boogie friends Angela / Romeo executive producers of #GUHH so Dame Dash your adult age son don’t need your permission to do the show.”

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