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Angela Simmons Says Losing Weight After Baby Is ‘Not Easy’

Angela Simmons gave birth to her son in October. Paras Griffin/FilmMagic)

Entrepreneur Angela Simmons may have the body of a sexy cover girl, but she knows all too well that snapping back into shape post-baby can be tough.

Simmons, who gave birth to her son, Sutton Joseph in October, bared her soul on Instagram Thursday, Aug. 17, with an honest caption about her body image.

“I stand before [you] as a woman who has had many insecurities,” Simmons wrote. “But not as many as you have after you bear a child. I have to constantly find my inner strength in me to work for what I want. And no, it’s not easy. Not easy when the world offers you the very quick way to alter how you look … in a blink of an eye.”

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Simmons acknowledged that it was OK if quick fixes work for others. However, she decided to “learn to love every piece of myself” instead, which is something she said takes “daily strength.”

Fans welcomed the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star’s candidness with open arms.

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