10 Super Dope Black Superheroes You Should Know Other Than ‘Black Panther’

Comic books often fail to shine light on people of color. Before the debut of the highly watched Marvel film “Black Panther”, a significant amount of Black superheros existed, but never received the exposure they deserved.

Many Black characters evoke compelling and iconic traits of their own, making them just as enthralling as their confreres. Although Black heroes like Storm, Luke Cage, Hancock, Black Lightning, Falcon, Spawn, and more have made their debuts in film & television, there’s still a long road ahead of us.

Here are 10 Black superheroes you should know other than “Black Panther”:

Bumblebee (Marvel)

Bumblebee is a super-heroine that stars in DC Comics and a member of the “Teen Titans”. Her alter ego is Karen Beecher-Duncan, a tech-savvy high school student who built a unique tech suit allowing her to shrink to the size of a bee. She became DC Comic’s first Black female superhero in 1976. Her armor posses the power to fly, send sonic force blasts, and unleash electrical stings.

Vixen is an African super-heroine from and a member of the Justice League. Her character also goes by the name Mari Jiwe McCabe, from the Zambezi tribe. Her special gifts are mimicking the strengths and abilities of the entire animal kingdom. She channels her powers from the god Anansi. She’s included in the DC Comic series.

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