10 Super Dope Black Superheroes You Should Know Other Than ‘Black Panther’

Kid Quantum
Kid Quantum (PaulSizer & DC Comics)

Kid Quantum: A Black heroine originating in DC Comics and created in 1996, the sister of the original Kid Quantum James Cullen, who was murdered. She goes by the code name Jazmin Cullen and her mission was to avenge the murder of her brother. Her superpowers consist of projecting stasis fields to stop the movement of time and hand combat.

Black Superhero
Firestorm (DC Comics)

Firestorm aka “Ronnie Raymond” is a Black nuclear-powered super-hero in DC Comics. He has the ability to alter elements and is part of the trio “The Firestorm Matrix.” His background includes him befriending the elemental gods of Africa. He’s able to rearrange molecular structures of any substance.

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