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GUHH Star Pepa Gets Dragged for Her Parenting Skills, ‘They Gotta Learn Too’


(Photo credit should read LISA O’CONNOR/AFP/Getty Images)

Pepa is getting dragged online after she gave known alleged alcoholic Boogie Dash a drink during a recent episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Previously, Dash’s parents Dame Dash and Linda Williams wanted to stage an intervention for their son’s drug and alcohol use. But at a game night party Pepa hosted, she offered up the 26-year-old some booze. Dame blamed that incident for Boogie spiraling out of control.

Cut to Williams’ cleansing and releasing ceremony where Pepa confronted Boogie and asked him if he felt as though she caused him to relapse.

“Your dad, he hurt the s—- outta my feelings that night,” Pepa told Boogie about Dame confronting her at the 28:30 mark. “He feels like when I gave you that drink in my house that I put you in a position to spiral out of control and then you were reckless because of me.”

“At the end of the day, I’m a man,” Boogie responded, taking ownership of his part in the matter. “And I can always admit when I’ve done things that are wrong. It was just my fault.”

Then, Pepa shared her idea of what parenting should look like, saying it’s wrong for moms and dads to correct their children’s behavior all the time.

“Parents are always quick to correct situations,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Oh, ’cause we learned.’ No. That’s not fair. The f—? They gotta learn too. All we supposed to do is to make sure they’re able to tell us because what if you scare them away and you don’t make them want to talk to you? You ain’t gonna know s—!”

Pepa acknowledged that her parenting style is different than that of other parents because she allows her kids to make their own mistakes to strengthen them.

“If Boogie’s gonna battle addiction — and I know he’s strong enough to do that — then he has to learn how to be around alcohol and not feel tempted to indulge,” she added.

But folks of Twitterdom weren’t having it. They happily told Pepa off about her parenting skills.

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