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Fans of ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Blame Phor’s Explosive Behavior on ‘Abusive’ Girlfriend

During Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” the “Run Thru” rapper Phor Brumfield and his colleague Charmaine Walker got into a heated conversation over Ryan Henry’s new tattoo shop.

After last weeks episode’s where Henry officially announced his departure from the former “9MAG” crew, the employees discussed their next money moves for the future. However, Walker stumbled upon Henry’s Instagram page which displayed a “now hiring” new employees advertisement. The radio personality became infuriated because Henry “left with no explanation.”

Walker continued yelling, “Try to understand I have every right to be mad… We’ve all put into ‘9MAG’.” The Chicago rapper tried to explain to the former receptionist that Henry’s decision has nothing to with the team, but Walker kept shouting over him.

Phor’s girlfriend Nikki Nicole began going back-and-forth with Walker and the situation escalated more. The rapper exploded, slammed a chair on the table and left everyone stunned including fans.

Social media users accused Nikki’s “abusive” behavior of rubbing off on Phor.

One fan blasted the rapper and said, “Why doesn’t Phor get this mad with his girl when she being physically and mentally abusive to him? 🤔”

A third fan commented, “Phor imma need you to act like this to your girl wyf where was this energy when she was milking you out your manhood boy bye get loud with her.”

The rapper’s girlfriend Nikki received backlash two episodes ago after throwing a glass of water in his face and hitting him over the head with a cereal box. People questioned why Brumfield was still with the “crazy” hairstylist?

Fans also blasted Nikki during Season 3 after she hit Phor in the head with flowers and cursed him out for not giving her a key to his apartment.

The rapper posted a photo on Instagram and clapped back at naysayers, “She can be all the names in the book 📖 ….and it don’t matter cuz we just sitting over here smiling in the back of the phantom like 😬 “we got they ass again” 💰 unbothered Let em talk.”

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