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Sway Gets Torched for Pulling an ‘All Lives Matter’ on Song About Black Women

Sway Calloway isn’t on Twitter’s good side after arguing that a song celebrating Black women leaves out non-Black women.

The radio host and longtime MTV personality interviewed up-and-coming rapper Nick Grant on TRL Thursday, where Grant showed up to promote his single, “Black Woman.” The song, featuring singer Stacy Barthe, contains lyrics that laud Black women’s appearance and accomplishments.

But Calloway had concerns and asked Grant why he made a song that wasn’t inclusive of all races.

“I mean, you alienate a lot of women who aren’t Black, but it seemed like it was directed toward misguided youth,” he says June 14.

“Love to all women but this is just an ode to the women that were in my life, the village of women that raised me, kinda fed me and clothed me, gave me encouraging words to put me through as a kid,” Grant responds.

“I felt like to not make this kind of record for them — I feel like it took too long to make this record,” he adds. “I just felt like they deserved it. They don’t get enough respect and enough attention.”

Yet Sway pressed on, mentioning the artist has love for Asian, Latino and European women, too. He then asked if Grant would date outside of his race.

“I mean love is love,” Grant replies. “I love who I love. But I relate to what kinda put me in position.”

While Grant handled the line of questioning with grace, viewers took issue with Sway — who hasn’t spoken about the backlash — and made their feelings known on Twitter.

“When Black women are being degraded and disrespected do n—-s like Sway have this concern about ‘alienation?’ But now when a young Black man decides to uplift and speaks to the beauty of Black women it becomes a concern and an issue? Coon(ish) behavior.”

“What the hell?!!! Why do Black people have to be forced to acknowledge others when others aren’t forced to acknowledge us?!”

“That’s like that all lives matter bs…”

“This s— was WEAK @RealSway. Let the NON-Black women #HYON. Most non-Black women have a nation that will stand up for them if they are targeted in large numbers. Most non-immigrant Black women DON’T have this privilege.”

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