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‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Tokyo Vanity Receives Praise from Fans After She Opens Up About Her Sex Life and Childhood Trauma

Life isn’t always fair and reality star Tokyo Vanity explained the difficulties of overcoming different hardships on Monday’s night episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

The 23-year-old bonded with co-star and former model Erica Mena about what provokes her to act out in rage.

“When I get angry and upset, it’s not so much that I’m angry or upset at the person. I’m upset about how they rattle my spirit and how they make me feel, because I’ve fought for so long to be the person that I am today,” Vanity said to Mena.

She continued, “A lot of s**t that happened in my childhood affects me today and my everyday life.”

Vanity revealed to Mena that she is a “virgin” today because of some childhood trauma. She went into depth and explained that “when [things] happen to you and you don’t talk about it” the distressing experiences can become everlasting and have a negative on individual’s adulthood.

“How a dude makes the average woman feel… Sometimes when I’m around a man I get the creeps,” the “Speak On It” artist said.

The reality star initially revealed she was a virgin on episode 8, when she suspected her ex-boyfriend Tabius Tate of cheating on her. He yelled out at Vanity, “You’re a virgin and you insecure about it.” She broke up with him moments later and questioned whether her virginity was the reason Tate was still dealing with his ex.

The conversation led Mena to share her story of child abuse and domestic violence. But Vanity stopped short of spilling her tea. She told Mena she was quite ready to discuss her childhood trauma. Yet she thanked Mena for the comforting words.

“This conversation to me is like a breath of fresh air,” she added.

Fans reacted to Vanity’s response and said they could completely relate. One fan wrote, “I can’t even comment what I wanted to…I’m crying. That’s RAW long lasting effects of trauma and it’s incredible to see that spoken of. Very rare . Much respect.”

Another wrote, “Yes. ..i caught all that … real emotions… heard But unspoken… keep up the awesome work.”


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