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Amanda Seales Has a Message for White Stylists Who Claim to Know How to Do Black Natural Hair

In another one of her famous Instagram Story gems, comedian Amanda Seales is issuing a call to white hair stylists: let her know ahead of time if you can’t do Black natural hair.

“If you don’t truly work with Black hair, don’t say that you do,” she says on Monday, Feb. 19. “It don’t help nobody. It don’t help my job. It don’t help my look. It sure don’t help the revolution. All it does is annoy the s— out of me that after sitting there and letting you fumble around my ‘fro for about an hour I still gotta end up doing this shit myself.

“And then they get mad when you start by saying, ‘I see that you are a white woman, do you have experience working with Black natural hair?’ This [is] a real question!”

Seales added that she’d admit she had no experience doing “regular white girl” hair herself unless it was “Barbie doll grade” hair.

In response, many of Seales’ commenters backed her up.

“It is a legitimate question!” someone said.

“😂…😐. I’ve seen some onset lineups done that created a lot more forehead cause they didn’t follow the hairline but instead some arbitrary straight line,” someone offered.

After saying the lack of versatility issue extends to makeup artists, another person said,  “Smh hopefully things change. To me, a true hairstylist should know how to do ALL hair.”

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