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Jada Pinkett Smith Said She Wouldn’t Let Jaden Attend Sleepovers For Fear of Molestation

Jada Jaden Sleepovers


Jada Pinkett Smith and her “Red Table Talk” web series has really been grabbing headlines in recent weeks, mainly for the actress’ frankness on a host of interesting topics.

The latest episode is about sex, where Jada, her daughter Willow, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Willow’s friend speak openly.

In one part of the clip, they talk about molestation, which is something Jada said she feared equally for her children. This was after Willow stated that men and women don’t go through the same things.

“You know how many men I know who’ve been raped as young boys?” Jada asked. “That’s why I was as protective of Jaden as I was with you. He was not allowed to spend the night at anyone’s house, because I never underestimated that a boy child could be violated in the same way as a girl child.”

“I did do a lot of things differently,” she added. “And let me tell you something else: You got to do a lot of things in this house that Jaden did not.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the “Set it Off” actress asked Willow and her friend about being promiscuous, and whether it’s still considered a bad thing for a young woman to be.

“If you have a young girl now that has multiple partners, is she still considered a whore or a slut?” questioned Jada.

“No,” said Willow. “She is considered a regular person.”

“No. She is a beautiful girl,” her friend added. “You just have to respect yourself. Respect can be more important than love.”

After the episode was posted, thousands of people left comments and some said they connected with Jada’s message about protecting young boys from being molested.

“I am so glad you talked about molestation regarding boys,” one person wrote. “I’m a product of that. Keep doing what you’re doing. Loving it.”

Another person stated that she didn’t let any of her children attend sleepovers, regardless the gender.

“Jada, in regards with sleepovers, I do the same thing with my children,” wrote one mother. “I have 4 children (23, 18, 12, 10), none of them experienced sleepovers at a friend’s house. They can call me an over acting protective mom, but those are my children, and I don’t want any harm to happen to them. Bad things happen when you’re not around.”

You can see the episode in its entirety below, where you can also view some more comments.

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