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Judge Motions to Have All 3 of Usher’s Herpes Lawsuits Heard in Los Angeles

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A judge motioned on Friday to have all three of Usher’s herpes lawsuits herd in Los Angeles, denying his request to have one suit moved outside of California.

Judge Michelle Williams Court made the change on June 8, saying since Usher has a home in California, he’s subject to hear three plaintiff’s cases against him there, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday, June 11.

Usher is currently being sued for sexual battery, fraud, negligence and intentional as well  as negligent infliction of emotional distress from a Jane Doe, a John Doe and Quantasia Sharpton. In March, the singer motioned to have Jane Doe’s case moved to another state based on her allegations. Among them, Jane Doe claims Usher put her at risk of contracting herpes while having unprotected sex in a state outside of California.

“California has no interest in this dispute whatsoever,” Usher said at the time.

However, Jane Doe’s attorney, Jivaka Candappa, argued it made more sense to have all three cases heard at once. Candappa said his client and her witness are prepared to fly to California to testify.

Yet while Court denied Usher’s request, she could change her mind if Usher’s team can prove why it would be harmful to have Jane Doe’s testimony heard in a local court.

This is the latest development in Usher’s ongoing herpes scandal.

In June, his male accuser filed to have a judge force the “Climax” performer to hand over medical records he feels could provide key pieces of evidence in his case.

Usher had another lawsuit against him from a woman in Georgia, but she dropped her suit. However, in May, Laura Helm filed a suit against the singer for negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud. She’s seeing an unspecified amount of monetary damages, too.

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