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'Love & Hip Hop' Star Erica Mena Worries VH1 Will Ruin Her Career

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena hoped she could engage in a brawl in front of VH1 cameras with Kimbella Vanderhee and somehow the footage wouldn’t see the light of day.

Erica, the newest addition to season two of VH1’s hit show ‘Love & Hip Hop’ is having second thoughts about her unladylike debut on Monday night’s episode. Erica who made a name for herself as a fashion and video model took issue with Kimbella who allegedly takes money out of her pocket for cheapening the craft. Jim Jones’s manage Yandy Smith thought it a grand idea to bring Erica along at a wine tasting with Kimbella and singer Teairra Mari. But after a few verbal jabs including insinuating that Kimbella’s boyfriend Juelz Santana was cheating on her, the drinks began flying, weave pulling, and face scratching began.

Now after the episode has aired and Erica’s first impression wasn’t the best one she’s blaming VH1 for ruining her career.

Erica told TMZ, “My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t want to show this side of me.”

In a separate interview last month with, Erica expressed regret over the brawl.

“It’s funny because with the trailer and what you see, unfortunately there’s a little fight scene between me and a fellow cast member.   But what’s funny is when I initially went into it, the whole goal for me was to show the different dynamic of the whole video girl.   There’s much more to it.   We may be crazy, but it’s not how people perceive us to be.   And unfortunately, I was in a situation that kind of backfired on me because of intentions I had going into the show.   I was being compared to Kimbella and that eventually led to what it led to.   I think it was never a side I wanted to show but I’m the type of girl where if I ever have to defend myself obviously I will and I know how.”

It remains to be seen how the show will impact Erica’s career though it’s hard to imagine it will help land her any high fashion ad campaigns. And if Erica hopes to convince us that she’s only fights in self defense situations, footage of her high kicking her son’s father in the face with stilettos isn’t helping. Watch the clips below:

Watch Monday night Love & Hip Hop clip:


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Erica Mena and her son’s father Raul Conde back in April

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