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Amara La Negra Recalls Repeatedly Being Discouraged from Dating Black Men ‘They’ll Mess Up Your Children’

Amara La Negra has made it her mission to dispell stereotypes and racist attitudes about Black people but growing up, she was on the receiving end of the criticism.

The “Love and Hip Hop Miami” star explained to Vlad TV Sunday, May 20 that many Latinos “can be very racist amongst their own community.” In other words, colorism runs rampant and Amara La Negra has experienced it firsthand.

“One of the things that I get all the time is, ‘Oh my God, you’re so pretty for being a Black girl or you have such great features. Don’t get married to no Black man with a big nose and big lips. They’re gonna mess up your children …’ As if that’s a problem.”

La Negra calls accusations of using spray tans and taking melanin supplements, “sad.”

“A lot of Latinos don’t want ‘my kind’ mixed into their family because they wanna ‘better the race,'” she says. “And better the race means more European features.”

La Negra, whose mother is lighter skinned while her father has darker skin, noted that mentality was impressed upon her growing up. She said her mother’s friends encouraged her to date European men but “never” a Black or Latino man because that’s “worse, it’s awful.”

“You don’t want to have dark-skinned babies,” she explains. “You wanna have light-skinned babies with … ‘good features.’ What exactly does that mean? I don’t know till this day.”

On the subject of “good hair,” La Negra said the same logic applied.

“You don’t want any nappy-headed kids,” she said of what she was told. “You want them to have soft, silky hair. So, therefore, no Black husbands or no Black boyfriends. No Black this, no Black that. And it took me a very long time to understand that y’all got a problem. It’s not me, it’s really you.”

In response to her remarks, viewers have weighed in.

“White people are evil this what they did to us. They got us hating ourselves and negating where we come from.”

“She’s 100% right about the brainwashed Dominicans. Ask the darkest Dominican what race is he and he will tell you everything but black. To the point where you have to wonder if these people have mirrors. The self-hating is real y’all.”

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