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Why Rapper Hazel-E is Being Questioned by Feds Over Ex-Boyfriend Katt Williams

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(Tara Ziemba/Getty Images/Photo by Justin Baker/Getty Images)

The Internal Revenue Service is investigating comedian Katt Williams and they’ve stopped by his ex-girlfriend Hazel-E’s place to question her over the star’s finances.

Federal authorities went to the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star’s home “a few days ago,” according to TMZ. After she initially refused to let them in and was threatened with a search warrant, she acquiesced.

Sources told the gossip site that authorities asked Hazel about the “Atlanta” actor allegedly hiding money and if she ever opened any accounts on his behalf. She said she did neither.

However, she disclosed information about gifts he bought her. The agents referred to remarks Hazel made about gifts on “Rock Rants” in 2016. They included a Rolex watch, Cartier bracelet, gold rings — and a breast augmentation, butt implants and nose jobs. All were given before Williams’ home was raided that year, where cops discovered marijuana and firearms.

When asked about her ex’s mental health, the rapper reportedly responded, “He’s geniusly [sic] insane.”

It isn’t clear if authorities will question Williams and the actor has not responded publicly to the probe.

In 2012, Inquisitr reported the comic paid the $284,000 he owed since 2010. But he still owed another $4 million.

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