Vybz Kartel Slammed for Bleaching Skin After He Gets Up In Arms Over Black Women Wearing Weaves


Despite being imprisoned for murder, dancehall king Vybz Kartel made time to post on Instagram and criticize women for wearing weaves.

“99.99% of Black Women (1) cream their hair or (2) wear ‘caucasian’ wigs. They Braid their hair, put GLUE on it and cover it with a wig made from the WHITE WOMEN HAIR!!!. Then they flash it as if [it’s] their own while taking selfies or pretty pics at parties. Question; ARE YOU BRAZILIAN? But u want BRAZILIAN HAIR! Or some other form of hair that is NOT African. As a matter of fact, BLACK PEOPLE CALL WHITE PEOPLES HAIR ‘pretty hair.’ Smfh.”

He went on to say Black women are hypocrites for praying in church wearing weaves and wigs since they are apparently ungrateful for their natural coils and curls.

“Because if God made you with your hair, why do you change it to look like someone else’s hair? God made a mistake???? Smh. Black people …quick to say things like ‘OH, MY GRANDMOTHER IS WHITE’ or ‘MY AUNTIE GRANNY COUSIN COME FROM ENGLAND’ or ‘YUH KNOW SAY MI FATHER MOTHER NEPHEW PON MI AUNTIE SIDE A INDIAN’ … BLACK PEOPLE CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CHECK SOMEONE ELSE.”

The rant appears to stem from some blowback the artist received for sharing a photo of his Turkish girlfriend. While Vybz has since disabled the comments on both posts, folks have continued to lash out at him on another post, with some taking aim at him for bleaching his skin.

“You a f—ing hypocrite too with WHITE LAB RAT IN THE FACE ASS!!! YOU MADD F—ING UGLY before the bleaching & still NOW!!” one fan fired off. “We all know if you didn’t have some sort [of] money she wouldn’t be with you! Make sure you have facts of every Black female in the world on why we wear wigs & get perms. Seems like you hate yourself badly with your insecure nasty skin color looking like MJ. Lost me def as a fan!!!! [You’re] ignorant & think you all that cuz a different race female accepted being your woman. You deserve all backlash you get from your own RACE!”

“In regards to u post abt Black girls straightening their hair and wearing wig, ‘member a u say on a interview to justify u bleaching say it nuh have nutten fi do wid self hate a just style,” another fan commented. “So how u [come] fi a say this now dawg u lost me. Still gaza fi life but as a real nigga me a go check u when u wrong. Get u mind right n stay head strong me G #gaza #worlboos.”

“Remember those are the same women who have been bumping ur music and supporting u from when u had a whole other shade,” another said. “U are who u are u love who u love but don’t get so high that u forget the ones who supported u when u where bounty’s shadow. Complete disrespect.”


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