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From Behind Bars: Vybz Kartel Issues Statement to Public

Vybz Kartel has issued a statement to the public from behind bars as he awaits trial for his second murder charge.

Kartel was found not guilty last week in the first of his two murder cases.

In the statement, Kartel thanks his legal team,  the mother of his children and his fans for sticking by him during his incarceration.  Kartel warns his fans that he has no Internet access, and that aside from his @iamthekartel Twitter account, all other web posts in his name are fake.

The always controversial artist also denounced his former label mates Popcaan and Tommy Lee, who have not visited him since his incarceration.

Check out the statement below. It is a presentation of the hand-written document Kartel issued:

“First of all I would like to thank my legal team Finson and Associates for proving and maintaining my innocence. I would also want to thank all my fans for being there with me and for their continued support musically, making me forever relevant to dancehall. Last but not least i want to thank my family, in particular my babymother SHORTYGAZA who is and has always been tower of strength in my life. Taking care of our three sons and handling my financial affairs plus being so focused amidst a sea of ‘crosses’ and tribulations. Just want the fans to know they should remain confident that Vybz Kartel will soon ‘duh road’ and that I am physically and spiritually great. On a different note, a lot of people are speculating that I am internet capable but nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from my twitter page ‘@iamthekartel‘ which is being run by Michael Dawson for the time being,everyone else is an imposter.

“I DO NOT HAVE ANY FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL. THEY ARE ALL FAKE. So my fans and well-wishers u have been cautioned, in closing, can someone tell Popcaan and Tommylee stop big me up pon stage saying they’re GAZA when they’re not even near to my recently acquired PLAZA. They have no shame and could only be compared to undignified morons. They and I know that they are just a couple of traitors grabbing at the proverbial straw to save their downward spiraling careers..Yea the forever controversial Worl’boss. BIGUP ME BREDDA SHAWN STORM. BIGUP GAZASLIM AND BIGUP GAGE. I’m out-WORL’BOSS”

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