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‘Insecure’ Actor Sarunas J. Jackson Hits Back at Fans Speculating About Relationship with Co-Star DomiNque Perry


(Photo by FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO)

Sarunas J. Jackson, who plays Dro on “Insecure,” is clearing the air about a rumor concerning his relationship with co-star DomiNque Perry.

Days after the star confirmed he and Perry welcomed a daughter named Zen, fans began wondering about their relationship status after one dug up a nearly five-month-old tweet.

“Saddest/worse thing I’ve done to myself… was live with someone I love but KNEW it was over,” Jackson tweeted in December 2017.

“Wowwwww Tasha was 4 months pregnant and this is what he was tweeting. I just…,” a Twitter user said of the sappy message Wednesday, May 23.

In response, Jackson hit the user with a tweet referencing retired San Antonio Spurs star Bruce Bowen, who is known as a great defensive player.

Hours later he added, “Speaking aimlessly is ignorant. How people speak without confirmation or facts baffles me. How thirsty for ‘tea’ are people to create situations that never existed. STFU and get y’all facts straight. Invest in ya own life and maybe you’ll do something lol.”

Fans began chiming in on the actor’s clapback.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah….But is you the daddy or not?” someone said. “Ain’t nobody got time for this.”

Perry announced she was unexpectedly pregnant back in April but kept quiet about the paternity of her child.

Folks learned that the two were an item when Jackson tweeted a photo of the pair’s new baby.

Apparently, an MTV reality star who was dating Jackson — who plays a man in an open marriage on “Insecure” — also learned that news from Jackso’s tweet.

In since deleted messages, “Are You the One” contestant Kaylen Zahara said, “When someone announces they now have a child in this world but they was laying up with you and taking you on dates as a single man …. how sway? You can’t trust these fools man! 😂”

“Ladies, listen to your intuition! These dudes will be in your crib, eating your food & laying up with you, taking you on dates, etc but kids on the way without you knowing,” she added. “TUH! These insecure men can’t never keep it 100. Congrats tho.”

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