Hip-Hop Responds After Kendrick Lamar Fan Uses N-Word at Concert

A Kendrick Lamar fan got too comfortable on stage earlier this week when she dropped the n-word without hesitation and now, other hip hop stars are weighing in.

The white K.Dot fan, named Delany, told the rapper she was “used to singing it like you wrote it,” when she rapped along to “M.A.A.D. City.” The crowd booed her but Lamar gave her another shot before moving on with his Hangout Music Fest set.

And while some fans weren’t happy that the rapper initially seemed to let the n-word slide, T.I. had a little more sympathy while Vince Staples dismissed the convo entirely.

“Honestly a tough spot for both parties,” Tip said on Instagram. “I feel the same way every show when I do ’24s’ in front of thousands of white fans. I know it’s not malicious and they mean no disrespect or harm, but it still stings a lil bit. And then I gotta accept my responsibility for using a private term for public consumption… I feel both sides. But all in all #IstandwitKdot period.”

However, Talib Kweli wasn’t here for the pleasantries and refused to give white fans a pass on the slur.


In response, other fans gave their two cents about white fans using the n-word.

“Most of us don’t say it at all,” one person tweeted.

“I think white ppl should say it to Take the power away from the word, another person said.

“Me too it’s not harddddddd,” a fan said agreeing with Staples. “IF YOU’RE NOT BLACK DONT SAY IT.”

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