Critics Call Out Hypocrisy of Supporting Meghan Markle’s Dating Habits While Bashing Donald Glover’s

Black Twitter users have noticed the differences in reactions to Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry verses Donald Glover’s non-Black girlfriend and they’re calling it out.

Markle, a former actress, wed the Prince of Wales in a lavish ceremony Saturday, May 19 and many have been gushing over the prospect of a Black woman (Markle’s mother is Black and father is white) entering the royal family.

However, after Glover released his politically-charged “This Is America” video earlier this month under his stage name Childish Gambino, the conversation flipped into questioning how he can discuss being Black in America while dating a woman who’s apparently white.

However, several people have offered up explanations for why there’s a disparity among the reactions.

“I haven’t seen a Black female celebrity who exclusively dates non-Black men use her platform to degrade Black men,” a user tweeted. “The only remotely close example was Issa Rae and I have my own opinions about that so I’m not understanding the Donald Glover / Meghan Markle debate.”

“I don’t think the Donald Glover/Meghan Markle interracial relationship argument is plausible because only one is married,” another tweeted. “I think *some* Black men have their minds fixated on Black women having hostility towards them for dating white women, which most often isn’t the case. Real love is love.

“But the comparison isn’t valid when Glover told @NewYorker that he had no plans to marry the mother of his two children,” the same user added. “No Black woman is bitter, or concerned about that.”

“Meghan Markle isn’t Black. She is biracial and looks closer to white than Donald Glover…” someone else said. “[Nor] has she ever said she [could] see her self with a white man nor does she ever play the pro-Black role… Lol nice reach though.”

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