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Tamar Braxton Weighs In On Women Who Date Men Who are Separated But Not Divorced

Tamar Braxton is still in the middle of her divorce from estranged husband Vince Herbert. And while it appears the star is devoting time to herself and her son, that doesn’t mean she can’t weigh in on dating amid a divorce.

While discussing how Jada Pinkett Smith regretted dating husband Will Smith before he was officially divorced from his ex-wife, Braxton shared her take on the topic.

“That’s still my husband, you tried it,” she says. “I feel like when you file for divorce and you’re living in different places, yes, it’s cool to date other people. But not just separated. … If you file, then we done.”

Harvey later explained that there are three phases to divorce: one is the period when you wait for the divorce to be finalized, then there’s the period before the filing, and the other is the period following the filing.

“Some guys get the ‘cheaper to keep her type situation’ when it really gets down to it, and then they go back to their wife,” Braxton explains. “And then you wasted my time, you tried it. So now I got to hurt you because, you know, you hurt my feelings. Because you done played and toyed with my emotions because now you too cheap to leave your woman!”

In response, several Braxton fans have shared their takes on the debate.

“If you aren’t living together and are done having sex together then you should be able to date,” someone said. “I had to file my divorce papers twice bc my ex didn’t want to sign.”

“Folk gonna do whatever they want, and make their own rules along the way,” another commented.

And someone else chimed in on Braxton’s delivery.

“Tamar, first of all, you don’t know me and I am not on your page to spread negativity but sometimes it’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it. Watching you on the Steve Harvey show you had valid concrete points but the tone of your voice came off rude. @tamarbraxton You have a God-given talent and so much knowledge to teach. Please don’t let the wrong attitude cause you not to be your 100 percent best.”

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