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Symone Sanders Has the Perfect Response to Fan Who Offers Unsolicited ‘Advice’ on Her Appearance

Symone Sanders Detained

Symone Sanders said she was once told she wasn’t “palatable enough for cable TV,” but didn’t let it deter her. (Image courtesy of Instagram)

Black women shouldn’t have to bury their authentic selves just for the sake of fitting into professional settings, argues CNN political commentator Symone Sanders.

Sanders’ thought-provoking thread came Monday came after a fan critiqued her long, bedazzled fingernails, which she occasionally flashes during her heated on-air debates. Addressing the negative stereotypes typically associated with African-American women, Sanders challenged the idea that the way we to choose to express ourselves — whether it be through makeup, our mannerisms or the way we dress — is innately unprofessional.

“When someone tells me my nails, the dress or blouse I wore or my hair is ‘unprofessional,’ I find what they’re really saying is it is out of the norm for what they’re used to seeing on cable news,” she tweeted.

Sanders, who served as press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, recalled the time an agent told her she wasn’t “palatable enough for cable” television while another suggested she take voice lessons because she didn’t sound “professional enough.” Sanders said she realized she didn’t fit the “mold” of what folks were used to seeing on TV, mainly because there aren’t many Black women on cable news, to begin with.

“So I’m fully aware that when I show up curvy, with a low cut, a bold lip, an oversized bow, amazing nails & a chilling analysis … people don’t know how to take it,” she wrote. “B/c I am not ‘supposed’ to be able to give you solid political commentary with a bedazzled nail right?”

Despite the pushback, Sanders said she’s completely comfortable being her authentic self.

So what’s the key to finding complete comfort in your authenticity? Stop seeking validation from others, says Sanders, and never let anyone put you in a box.

Sounds like solid advice!

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