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American Idol’ Contestant Says Unfair Voting System Caused Him to be Eliminated, Fans Agree

Singer Dennis Lorenzo was eradicated from Sunday night’s competition on “American Idol” and said the reason could be based on a technical error.

Lorenzo was the last performance of the night during the Disney-themed episode and received a loud applause for his “Lion King” rendition “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” but the 26-year-old was unfortunately eliminated.

“People toward the end [of the competition] were a little worried because they were like ‘are people going to have enough time to vote for me’ and there’s me,” the singer told TMZ.

He continued, “The producers let us know that they ran many tests and they’d made sure it was fair… And when you’re in a position like this you trust them.”

The Philadelphia resident explained that several people came to him complaining that the voting polls were closed a few minutes after his performance and said they weren’t able to vote for him. Lorenzo exclaimed that it sounded like a “technical error” on the producer’s part.

People agreed with the “American Idol” contestant on social media and concurred that there was only a small window of voting time.

Lorenzo believes performing last did play a major role in his elimination. However, the soul singer has a new EP out on iTunes titled “Dennis Lorenzo Unplugged”.

Checkout his last performance below on American Idol:

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