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This May be the Real Reason ‘Tha Dogg Pound’ Rapper Called the Crips to Give Kanye West a Beat Down

Daz Dillinger has issued a call to action for Crips across the country that has reportedly caused Kanye West to beef up his security — and nab a restraining order.

“Yo, national alert. All the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” Daz says in a Monday, April 30 clip. “You see that mother f—er, f— his ass up on GP. … We gon show you how we come together and ride on your mother f—in’ ass. … We better not see you around California. Stay in Calabasas. ‘Cause we got a Crip alert for Kanye.

“So all the Crips out there, [if] you see that n—-, bang on his ass. F— his ass up. F— Kanye West up!” he adds.

While the threat, which TMZ reported has caught the attention of the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, was initially thought to have been issued over West’s ties with Donald Trump, two other theories have emerged. According to I Love Old School Music, one is Daz’s kinship with cousin Snoop Dogg. The fellow Crip and MC has been lighting Ye up on his social media, posting photos of West with Trump. The second theory is West uttering “Crips” on his new song, “Ye Vs. the People.”

“This s—‘s just as bad as Catholic preachers rapin’ in church / Y’all been leadin’ with hate, see I just approach it different / Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand,” he said in the song featuring Trump critic T.I.

Daz’s call to the gang has reportedly lead Ye to increase his security, as the Daily Mail reported Kanye was flanked by bodyguards while out at dinner Monday. Additionally, Daz alleges Ye has taken further measures to protect himself.

“Yeah, Kanye put a restraining order on me,” he says in a Monday IG video. “Thanks, Kanye. ‘Preciate it. [I’ll] frame it up in the mother f—in’ studio.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been weighing in on Ye’s current state of safety — or lack thereof.

“If the Crips beat up Kanye West for wearing that red hat, that’s their business,” someone said.

“This stale wife beater wearing n—- really thinks he can get Kanye touched,” another said. “Kanye got enough bread to pay those Crips to Blood Walk and turn on this n—-.”

“The Crips just put a hit out on Kanye. Kanye can’t undo that type of ignorance by himself,” another account said. “Just say you want him to be your token blackie for your political agenda and shut up. 😂.”

“We ain’t never even heard of this n—- who tryna get the Crips to hog Kanye, lame ass n—-,” he said. “It’s pigs all over America who been raping our mothers & killing our brothers but you wanna be vocal about another Black man, that’s what this s— is about! Conditioned ass n—-s!”

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