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Peter Thomas’ Son Maintains He’s Black Despite Mom Claiming He’s Not, Fans Outraged

The mother of Peter Thomas’ son claims he is not Black, despite his brown hue and Black father and social media is letting her have it.

Thomas, who used to be featured on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during his marriage to ex-wife Cynthia Bailey, shared a video Tuesday, April 24 of ex Nancy Hernandez and their son Bryce discussing the teen’s complexion.

“What do I have?” Hernandez asks.

“A white daughter and Black son,” her son responds.

“You’re not Black, you’re brown,” she says.

“My dad is the color of a newly paved street,” Bryce responds before adding, “I’m Black.”

“ (my son stated, my dad is Black like a newly pave street) 😂😂😂😂,” Thomas captioned the clip, taking it all in stride. “I AM BLACK@itsnancyhernandez. BUT I AM ALSO BEAUTIFUL @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt.”

Yet while Thomas seemed to have no issue with the exchange, many commenters did and promptly blasted Hernandez for effectively erasing her son’s blackness.

“Crazy how they get away with F’kn Black Men, but don’t want their children to identify as Black, they think they’re Better,” an IG user commented.

“I’m hoping she meant this all in a playful non-racist way because she looks mixed herself but you have to be careful with your wording of things racism is at an all-time high,” another said. “You’re beautiful, [he’s] handsome, great mix of you and Peter.”

“NOT SURE I FEEL BOUT THIS 😶😒😲,” someone else said.

“But the funny thing [is] she is also from the islands,” someone said. “She ain’t white what so ever smdh. She might be light skinned but dassit.”

Another defended Hernandez, saying she was simply joking around.

“Clearly she is toying around with him,” they wrote. “She even playfully said, ‘I made you all by myself.’ I don’t think she meant any of this to be racist… hell she slept with Peter. Some people look for any reason to attack.”

Still, others kept going after her.

“Really brown?” a person said. “Umm the cops not gonna call him brown. Ignorant ass.”

“This is disgusting,” someone simply commented.

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