Michelle Williams’ Fiancé Reportedly Supports Donald Trump

michelle williams fiancé


After news of Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams’ engagement, many have been hungry for more information about the man she’d been dating. Now, it’s being claimed that Chad Johnson is a Donald Trump supporter.

Johnson, a pastor who proposed to Williams after dating for a year, is following the likes of Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, according to screenshots captured by media personality Tariq Nasheed.

“They had Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child on #GMA celebrating her engagement. And her fiancé Pastor Chad Johnson is a white Trump supporting, Blue Lives Matter advocate who supports police killings of Black youths,” Nasheed said in an earlier tweet assuming Johnson’s beliefs. “And he pastors Black youths. #smh.”

Another Twitter user also exposed Johnson’s family’s political leanings.

And while Nasheed’s screenshot doesn’t tell the whole story — Johnson is also following Jemele Hill, Van Jones and Don Lemon — several have sided with Nasheed’s theory and slammed Wiliams.

“She s FOOL wenching at its best! Smdh,” someone tweeted.

“She’s going to get her share of karma after dealing with this man, just like the rest of these damn swirlers,” someone else said. “Let them catch that karma.”

“You showed us the receipts and here we go!” another said.

A different user tweeted, “I already see Michelle Williams after the wedding screaming All Lives Matter!!!!”

Still, others had their doubts.

“Where does it shows [sic] that?” someone asked. “Plenty of people follow Republicans to keep up to date. You’re just annoyed about her marrying a white guy? What’s next calling her a negro bedwench? She seems very happy. Let the woman live her damn life in peace.”

“Supporting police doesn’t mean you support unjustified killings of Black children,” another said. “Wtf are you talking about? Are you ever not race baiting? You’re holding your people back, it’s so sad.”


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